Rainbow Child Development Center, LLC.
Rainbow Child Development Center, LLC.
Brighter Children, Brighter World

Brighter Children, Brighter World!


Rainbow Child Development Center has been serving the Los Angeles community since 1980.  Formerly, funded by LAUP  and currently a top tier California State funded Preschool Program, we are committed to providing the best high quality preschool program for your children.  All staff members are required to possess at least a teachers permit and have studied in the field of Early Child Education.  Continued professional development is also required of our staff.  At Rainbow C.D.C, we truly believe that brighter children make a brighter world!


Income Eligibility

Families that meet the income eligibility may be accepted into our program free of charge.  other families that quality may be required to pay a small family fee.  



Family Size // Family Monthly Income // Family Yearly Income:
(85% of median income for re-certification after initial certification.)

     1-2                                  $4,030                        $48,361

     3                                     $4,340                         $52,076

     4                                     $4,877                         $58,524

     5                                     $5,657                         $67,888

     6                                     $6,438                         $77,252

     7                                     $6,584                        $79,008

     8                                     $6,730                         $80,763

     9                                     $6,877                          $82,519

     10                                   $7,023                          $84,275

     11                                   $7,169                            $86,031

     12                                   $7,316                          $87,786


Meet our Staff




Eunice E. Lee

Executive Director 

Erica Shin

Assistant Director

Timothy Lee


Lana Ng

CSPP Deer Class Head Teacher

Whitney King

CSPP Deer Class Teacher Assistant

Sang Yeon Joo (Sara)

CSPP Rabbit Class Teacher Assistant

April Hong

CSPP Rabbit Class Head Teacher

Layla Barrera

CSPP Deer Class Teacher

Angela Lee

Teacher Assistant

Grace Lee

Nutritional Specialist



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